Network Engineering

Cisco Certified CCNA Network Engineer, met inmiddels verder ontwikkelde kennis, waarbij de focus ligt op BGP Routing.

Expertise Certificaten Historie


Switching (VLAN,STP) +10 yearsGuru
IP-Adressing, Subnetting +10 yearsGuru
Routing (BGP,OSPF,RIP,MPLS) 8 yearsPro/Guru
Anycast, Multicast, Broadcast 8 yearsGuru
Security (Firewall,IPS) +10 yearsProfessional


Cisco (switches, routers, firewall)+10 yearsProfessional
HP (switches) 3 yearsProfessional
Foundry (switch-fabric) 1 yearsSufficient
Juniper (router) 1 yearsSufficient
CWDM, MultiPlexing 6 yearsGuru


Ethernet (+ARP,CDP,STP,VTP) +10 yearsGuru
WiFi 10 yearsProfessional
Infiniband 2 yearsGuru
Fibre-Channel 2 yearsProfessional
Frame-Relay, ATM 2 yearsBeginner
ADSL, SDSL 5 yearsProfessional
MPLS 3 yearsProfessional


IPv4 +10 yearsGuru
IPv6 4 yearsProfessional
(E)IGRP 4 yearsProfessional
IPSec 8 yearsProfessional
BGP 8 yearsProfessional
OSPF 8 yearsProfessional
RIP 8 yearsProfessional
IPX/SPX 3 yearsBeginner


GRE +10 yearsGuru
TCP, UDP +10 yearsGuru


NFS, CIFS, Rsync +10 yearsGuru
HTTP,FTP,DNS,DHCP +10 yearsGuru
SMTP,IMAP,POP3 +10 yearsGuru
SSH,SNMP,IPMI,Telnet +10 yearsGuru
Radius +10 yearsProfessional
STUN,OpenVPN +10 yearsGuru

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

Planning & Designing

  • Design a simple LAN using Cisco Technology
  • Design an IP addressing scheme to meet design requirements
  • Select an appropriate routing protocol based on user requirements
  • Design a simple internetwork using Cisco technology
  • Develop an access list to meet user specifications
  • Choose WAN services to meet customer requirements

Implementation & Operation

  • Configure routing protocols given user requirements
  • Configure IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateway addresses on routers and hosts
  • Configure a router for additional administrative functionality
  • Configure a switch with VLANS and inter-switch communication
  • Implement a LAN
  • Customize a switch configuration to meet specified network requirements
  • Manage system image and device configuration files
  • Perform an initial configuration on a router
  • Perform an initial configuration on a switch
  • Implement access lists
  • Implement simple WAN protocols


  • Utilize the OSI model as a guide for systematic network troubleshooting
  • Perform LAN and VLAN troubleshooting
  • Troubleshoot routing protocols
  • Troubleshoot IP addressing and host configuration
  • Troubleshoot a device as part of a working network
  • Troubleshoot an access list
  • Perform simple WAN troubleshooting


  • Describe network communications using layered models
  • Describe the Spanning Tree process
  • Compare and contrast key characteristics of LAN environments
  • Evaluate the characteristics of routing protocols
  • Evaluate TCP/IP communication process and its associated protocols
  • Describe the components of network devices
  • Evaluate rules for packet control
  • Evaluate key characteristics of WANs

Building Remote Access Networks (BCRAN)

Describe and implement Frame Relay

  • Describe Frame Relay operation
  • Describe and configure Frame Relay using frame relay maps
  • Describe and configure Frame Relay using subinterfaces
  • Describe and configure FRTS to optimize Frame Relay remote access
  • Verify Frame Relay operation

Describe and Configure PPP in a remote access environment

  • Describe PPP operation
  • Configure and verify PPP NCP options
  • Configure and verify PPP LCP options

Describe and implement ISDN

  • Describe and configure ISDN PRI and BRI operation
  • Describe and configure ISDN dialer operations
  • Verify ISDN and dialer operations

Describe and implement queuing and compression solutions

  • Describe and configure WFQ, CBWFQ, LLQ, and WRED
  • Describe and configure data compression
  • Verify queuing and compression operations

Describe and configure Broadband connectivity

  • Describe xDSL and Cable (HFC) technologies
  • Describe and configure PPPoE, PPPoA, and RFC 1483/2684 Bridging
  • Verify broadband configurations

Describe and configure a site-to-site VPN and AAA

  • Describe and configure IPSec VPN with a preshared key
  • Describe, configure, and verify AAA
  • Verify IPSec operation

Describe and implement backup connectivity solutions

  • Describe and configure backup interfaces
  • Describe and configure dialer watch
  • Verify backup connectivity configurations

2011 - Networking project

  • Fiber-network: Rotterdam, Capelle
  • MRV DWDM Multiplexing
  • Quagga BGP Routing
  • HP Switching

2005-2010 Dedicated Server Hosting

  • RIPE AS-nr + /19 IP-ranges
  • CWDM Fiber-network: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Capelle, Alphen
  • Quagga BGP+OSPF Routing
  • Cisco 7600 Switching & MPLS Routing
  • VRRP Gateway
  • AnyCasting Load-Balancing

2004 Rotterdam Wireless

  • Rotterdam Wireless project
  • Cisco WiFi Routers
  • Uplink: ADSL, Fiber Cityring
  • ProjectManagement

2003 Internet Service Provider

  • ADSL Monteur & Office-VPN
  • Netwerkbeheerder DSLAM,PPPoE,VPN
  • Netwerkbeheerder BGP Routing