Linux - System Engineering

Linux Guru in hart en nieren. Sinds 1998 aktief met Linux. In 2001 cum-laude RedHat Certified Engineer behaald. In 2004 overgestapt op Debian Linux. In 2006-2010 meerdere High-Availability Web-Clusters opgezet, inclusief Linux Load-Balancers, Linux Routers & Linux Storage. En uiteraard met geautomatiseerd provisioning & configuration management.
Sinds 2010 ligt de focus op Solaris & ZFS.

Expertise Certificaten Historie

Operating Systems

RedHat (Fedora,CentOS) +10 yearsGuru
Debian (Ubuntu) +10 yearsGuru
FreeBSD 5 yearsSufficient
OpenSolaris 2 yearsSufficient
VMware vSphere Infrastructure 8 yearsProfessional

System Management

Bash shell scripting +10 yearsGuru
IPtables,TripWire,CSF +10 yearsGuru
GRUB, Lilo +10 yearsGuru
Nagios, Zabbix +10 yearsGuru
CFEngine, Puppet 2 yearsProfessional
PXE NetBoot,TFTP,DHCP 8 yearsGuru
IPMI, HP iLo, Dell RAC, Serial Console 8 yearsGuru
Xorg, KDE, GNOME, OpenOffice +10 yearsGuru
Xen,KVM 4 yearsProfessional


Apache, ProFTPd +10 yearsGuru
Postfix,Exim,ClamAV,SpamAssassin+10 yearsGuru
Tomcat (JSP/Java) +10 yearsProfessional
Bind, PowerDNS +10 yearsGuru
DirectAdmin, Plesk +10 yearsGuru
MySQL, PostgreSQL +10 yearsGuru
PHP, Perl, Python, Rails +10 yearsGuru


IPv6 4 yearsProfessional
Ethernet,IPv4,route,arp,dns +10 yearsGuru
Advanced Linux Routing +10 yearsGuru
Quagga (BGP,OSPF,RIP) Routing 8 yearsGuru
HA-Proxy, IPVS Load-Balancing 5 yearsGuru
RedHat Cluster Suite 5 yearsProfessional
Linux Virtual Server (LVS) 5 yearsGuru

SAN Storage

NexentaStor 2 yearsGuru
NFS, Samba, Rsync +10 yearsGuru
DRBD, GFS, GlusterFS, VMFS 5 yearsProfessional
BTRFS,ZFS,Ext4,ReiserFS,LVM +10 yearsProfessional
Open-E, OpenFiler 5 yearsGuru
SCST, Infiniband, Fibre-Channel 2 yearsProfessional


Adaptec, Areca, DELL PERC RAID Controllers+10 yearsGuru
SATA, SAS, SCSI, eSATA, SAS Expanders+10 yearsGuru
SuperMicro, Dell, HP ProLiant Servers+10 yearsGuru

RedHat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

System Configuration and Management

  • Route IP traffic and create static routes
  • Use iptables to implement packet filtering and configure network address translation (NAT)
  • Use /proc/sys and sysctl to modify and set kernel run-time parameters
  • Configure system to authenticate using Kerberos
  • Build a simple RPM that packages a single file
  • Configure a system as an iSCSI initiator that persistently mounts an iSCSI target
  • Produce and deliver reports on system utilization (processor, memory, disk, and network)
  • Use shell scripting to automate system maintenance tasks
  • Configure a system to log to a remote system
  • Configure a system to accept logging from a remote system

Network Services

Network services are an important subset of the exam objectives. RHCE candidates should be capable of meeting the following objectives for each of the network services listed below:

  • Install the packages needed to provide the service
  • Configure SELinux to support the service
  • Configure the service to start when the system is booted
  • Configure the service for basic operation
  • Configure host-based and user-based security for the service

RHCE candidates should also be capable of meeting the following objectives associated with specific services:

  • Configure a virtual host
  • Configure private directories
  • Deploy a basic CGI application
  • Configure group-managed content
  • Configure a caching-only name server
  • Configure a caching-only name server to forward DNS queries
  • Note: Candidates are not expected to configure master or slave name servers
  • Configure anonymous-only download
  • Provide network shares to specific clients
  • Provide network shares suitable for group collaboration
  • Provide network shares to specific clients
  • Provide network shares suitable for group collaboration
  • Configure a mail transfer agent (MTA) to accept inbound email from other systems
  • Configure an MTA to forward (relay) email through a smart host
  • Configure key-based authentication
  • Configure additional options described in documentation
  • Synchronize time using other NTP peers

2011 - Storage, Networking

  • SAN Storage: SuperMicro, CentOS+SCST+OFED, Infiniband, VMware
  • Backup-infra: Debian+BackupPC
  • Provisioning: CentOS+Cobbler (PXE,DHCP,TFTP)
  • Networking : Debian+Quagga (BGP)

2010-2011 High-Availability WebHosting

  • VMware vSphere 4.1 Enterprice Plus,
    +Distributes Resource Mgt
    +Automatic Failover
    +IPMI Fencing
  • Linux SAN Storage,
    +SuperMicro 16HDD,

2005-2010 Dedicated Server Hosting

  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Virtual Server Hosting
  • Colocated Hosting
  • Web Hosting
  • Automated Provisioning
  • Linux WebClusters (LVS)
  • Open-E iSCSI SAN Storage
  • Eigen Datacenter van 2.500m²
  • Autonoom BGP+MPLS Cisco netwerk (AMSIX,NLIX,Transit)

2003-2005 Internet Service Provider

  • ADSL Beheer (dslam,ldap,dhcp,ppoe,ppoa)
  • Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Network mgt (Quagga,BGP,OSPF,RIP)